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Android, Termux, Scheming, NES dev: dev env get

tldr: Android + Termux = scheming, NES dev, and python dev with an editor (emacs, neovim, ed)

After installing Termux, enabling the root repository (pkg install root-repo), and enabling the unstable repository (pkg install unstable-repo), you can install the following interesting packages:

I installed those packages and some dependencies:

emac's racket-mode complained about glib-dev, fontconfig-dev, libcairo-dev, pango-dev, and some related packages such as fontconfig, fontconfig-utils, libcairo, and pango. Possibly others.

Which gave me a working emacs and neovim, able to install MELPA and Plug packages respectively. I then cloned cc65 (a freeware C compiler for 6502 based systems), cloned nesdoug's repository 26_Full_Game, built it without errors (no makefile? :c), and ran it in an emulator from the play store.

I used Termux before for a neovim/python setup and have no idea about other dependencies.


Last Modified: 2019-07-18

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